Our new Stockists October 19 2017, 0 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for being so quite for the last few weeks, we have been very busy working behind the scenes!! 

We are delighted to introduce Jewella as the newest member of our family of stockist for  Chicago Marcasite Jewellery.  Our vintage inspired collection complements their beautiful range of jewellery, accessories and gifts perfectly.

Their exquisite store at the newly refurbished Piece Hall, is in the heart of Halifax. The stunning and unique Grade I listed Georgian building is steeped in history and heritage. 

Jewella at The Piece Hall

Stocking a wide range of stunning pieces, it is definitely worth a closer look....  click here 

So if you are ever in the Halifax area, make sure you pop in and say hello!

Bye for now, 


Infinity Jewellery May 18 2017, 0 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Firstly apologies for my huge lack of communication lately!! But fear not I'm back with some very exciting news that has kept me busy as a bee for the last little while....we have just added to our Collection!! 

Having so many beautiful new pieces to show you I decided on our Infinity design, which is proving to be extremely popular - so easy to wear, it is such a delicate look but is also the perfect amount of bling for any day time look.


We have three individual pieces, Earrings, Pendant and Ring, which worn together really complement each other but also individually they are stunning....


These Marcasite Infinity earrings are just so pretty! With the post sitting high on the earring they sit perfectly and of course they have a prefect price too! €35



Next up is the matching Pendant and Chain - such a fab piece, the perfect size to add a bit of bling to any neckline! Priced at €40  


And finally.....the Ring, I love this, such a lovely sparkle. It sits flat so no fear of it catching on anything and although it is petite it spreads across the finger very well - Priced at €40

Click on the link here and take a look at our complete range.  We have something for everyone and every budget! 


Chat soon,


February Birthstone - Amethyst February 09 2017, 0 Comments

Hi Everyone 

I hope February is being kind to you! :)  The one thing that definitely makes me smile about this month is the birthstone.......Amethyst, I love it, it's such a beautiful colour and thankfully is extremely easy to wear!

We have some fabulous pieces in our range which really bring out the shade of the stone perfectly.  So whether it's a ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings your wishing for, we have something for everyone! 

To view our full range click - Here 

For a little sneak peek here are some of my favourites..... (Click on the picture for more info) 


This stunning Ring ticks all the boxes for me.  It is one of our most popular pieces and is always a go to ring to add a little sparkle and shine to any outfit!

The Pendant is just perfect also, it works will with any outfit, be it a little black dress or my staple, jeans and a crisp white shirt!  The beauty about this pendant is to works on a short chain but is also equally fab on a longer chain just to add more impact! 

These Earrings are one of my favourites, a beautifully sized stud. The earring post is positioned high, making them the perfect shape for your ear, so easy to wear. 

Now the only thing is I wish my birthday was in February!!!





January Colours - Garnet January 12 2017, 0 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for the recent absent, December was a crazy month for us all! So how are you feeling about January?......  Although I'm not a lover of January, the weather for one, (it's snowing outside as I write this!!) the one thing I love about it is the birthstone...Garnet!  

The colour is so warming with such beautiful light reflection. 

Five Fun Facts :

Garnet symbolizes eternal friendship and trust. It’s the perfect gift for a friend or lover.

Garnet is also given on the 2nd and 6th wedding anniversaries.

The name Garnet derived from the Greek word “granatum,” meaning “pomegranate seed.” 

The most common color of a Garnet is reddish brown.

The Garnet is said to have healing properties for the heart and lungs. It also encourages strength and protection and it is often worn to relieve inflammations of the skin. 


Our Collection : - 

We have some stunning Garnet Marcasite pieces in our collection, some are pictured below - I can't decide which one is my favourite....

To take a closer look at our collection click - here 


So lovelies enjoy January and if its your Birthstone make sure you treat're worth it! 



Meet our Latest Stockist - Greenes Jewellers, Dublin November 08 2016, 0 Comments

Greenes Jewellers Dublin

If ever there was a definition of a family business then Greenes' Jewellers would be it.  The jewellers began in 1908 by Karl & Philip Ryan's grandparents, George & Mary Anne Greene.  Their mother Stella joined the business in 1942 and then both Karl and Philip went straight to work in the shop after leaving school.  This is a jewellers steeped in a history of quality craftsmanship and bespoke jewellery.

We were therefore delighted to have Greenes' Jewellers become a stockist of Chicago Marcasite Jewellery.  Our vintage inspired collection sits very well alongside their exquisite range of pearls, wedding rings, celtic jewellery and much more.   However their speciality is bespoke ring design and one off commissioned pieces.

Greenes Jewellers Dublin

So if you want to have a peek at some of our range, pop into their shop on Aungier Street in the heart of Dublin.  One of the pieces on offer is this striking Blue Lapis & Marcasite Bracelet all set in Sterling Silver.  This could be a perfect gift for a loved one or maybe an ideal gift for yourself!

Blue Lapis Marcasite Silver Bracelet


For more information on Greenes' Jewellers visit -





Layering Look October 19 2016, 0 Comments

Hi Everyone

I hope all is well in your world.  Today I thinking about the layered look.  Its been around a little while but I will never tire of it!  I simply love it!  I think the best advise about layering jewellery is simple.......keep it simple!  Less is more :) 



We have a great selection of Necklaces in our collection, although some are larger pieces there are some very cute simple pendant also, perfect for layering.  The beauty about layering too is it can be as formal or understated as you like!  It's a fabulous day look, just what we need to brighten up our October days! 

Have a closer look on our website - Here 





Gem Stones - Citrine and Amethyst October 08 2016, 0 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Lets talk about Gem Stones! Citrine and Amethyst in particular. They are both fantastic coloured stones and even seeing them makes me smile!  But did you know they are very helpful Gems too? Here's a little info....


Citrine is the stone of light and happiness. It does not hold any negative energy. Wearing citrine jewellery against your skin enhances the clarity of mind, stimulating and activating the mind and thinking process. It helps to balance the 3rd Solar Chakra, which is the center of breath. When this chakra center is balanced, happiness, self-discipline, flexibility and reliability are enhanced. Wearing citrine stone jewellery helps you to feel good about yourself, infusing your life with happiness, confidence and overall energy
For a closer look at these two pieces from the Citrine range - click here Ring, Earrings
Wearing Amethyst jewellery against your skin can act as a natural stress reliever. Amethyst attracts positive energy and rids your body of any negative energy, including feelings of stress, anxiety, fear and more. It encourages inner strength, spiritual growth and protection while bringing clarity of the mind as well. Wearing an amethyst, and having amethyst in your home environment, helps you to become more in tune with your feelings and heightens your intuition, which helps you to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Amethyst stimulate and balance the brow and crown Chakras, making them a wonderful tool for meditation and calming your thoughts.
For more details on these two pieces from our Amethyst range - click here Ring, Earrings
So there's even a few more reasons to wear our fabulous pieces!  Pop over to our website and have a closer look, Here........let us know what you think! 

George & Milly - A shopping experience you must try! October 06 2016, 0 Comments

Our latest stockist of Chicago Marcasite Jewellery is the quirky new shop George & Milly.  Owner Ruth has already made a name for herself in The Old Yard, Castledermot, Co. Kildare where she stocked quirky and unusual accessories.  

The fans she has gained can now visit her shop in the centre of Castledermot where they'll find everything from children's gifts to beautiful Trilby hats and everything in between, all designed in Ireland. 

For more info see - 


We're delighted to be working with Ruth and we wish her the very best in her new adventure.  


September Birthday ......... Lucky you! September 14 2016, 0 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all having a lovely September! Everything is starting to settle down again now with the Summer holidays over and maybe you're back to school runs, I know I am!! 

I was thinking today about how I love the colour Blue, lets face it there's lots of lovely blue things....the sky (some days!!) the ocean, a pair of jeans and my ever faithful blue crisp linen shirt. You're also very lucky if it's your Birthday in September, I am thinking Sapphires.....although fabulous, they can be expensive! Fear not I have the perfect solution. 

Lapis, such a beautiful strong colour.  I have some pieces from our collection to share with you. 



This is such a stunning set.  The earrings have a centre post for easy wear and the pendant is fab.  You can achieve two different looks with the pendant by simply changing the length of the chain from short to long.  


The Bracelet is a special piece.  It sits beautifully on the wrist with very little movement and is extremely comfortable to wear. 



The Ring is one of my favourites.  It has beautiful detail and simply fans over your finger, it really catches the eye.

If you would like a closer look, pop on the link below - it lists our Lapis range.







September Blog - Cleaning your Sparkle! September 02 2016, 0 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Happy September ! 

I thought as its the start of a new month I would talk a little about the Care, Cleaning and Storage of our fabulous marcasite jewellery pieces. 

We all love wearing our Marcasite jewellery and in fact wearing it will keep it at its best and free from getting tarnished longer - so make sure your making the most of your sparkles! 

Cleaning -

When cleaning the jewellery, stay away from steamers, chemical cleaners, and ultrasonic cleaners. Gently wiping the piece with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth will remove tarnish from the silver and keep the stones clean without ruining the piece. If using a slightly damp cloth, make sure to dry the jewellery completely after cleaning it. 

Storage -

Always store in a cool and dry place, and store separately from other jewellery in order to avoid scratching, we don't want that!!  I find the best option is to store your Marcasite jewellery in a jewellery bag or pouch as this prevents further oxidisation.

Care - 

A good rule to remember is to always put on your jewellery last and take it off first. Avoid contact with chemicals, such as perfume, hair spray, deodorant, household cleaning fluids and etc. 

Avoid getting your marcasite jewellery wet, as this can loosen the stones and always remove your marcasite jewellery before swimming or bathing.

These are our polishing cloths and silver cleaning solutions and I find them great.  They work so well and are so easy to use.  All it takes is a gentle rub.   To purchase them click here.

Happy Cleaning ! 




Our New Stockist - Little Luxury Store August 26 2016, 0 Comments

We are so excited to announce our latest stockist - online retailer - Little Luxury Store.    I met with the founder, Lisa Statham a while back and she fell in love with our marcasite jewellery.    Lisa's brand new website is a haven for jewellery lovers especially those looking for unique, fine jewellery pieces.

 Lisa Statham Little Luxury Store Stockist of Chicago Marcasite Jewellery

Her online boutique is more than a page on a screen, she offers a personal shopper service from Skype calls to additional images at your request to see more detail on the jewellery.  

One of the pieces she selected from our collection are these striking marcasite earrings.  Green Agate stones in geometrical shapes set with marcasite stones give an Art Deco vibe reminiscent of the 1920's Gatsby style.

Marcasite Drop Earrings Green Agate with an Art Deco Style

She also offers free delivery in Ireland so get shopping!  

We'd like to wish Lisa the very best of luck in her new venture.  See more at Little Luxury Store


A/W Collection 2016 with Nuala & Brendan Courtney! August 18 2016, 0 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Well its been a very exciting time for us here at Chicago Marcasite with the launch of our new Autumn Winter 2016 Collection.  Things are beginning to settle down again now so let me give you a behind the scenes look!

Our shoot took place in The Morgan Hotel, such a fab spot.  This provided us with the perfect back drop for our collection.  Huge thanks to Glen and all the Morgan team for looking after us so well. 

   Onyx Geometrical Collar Necklace.

 What a showstopper this piece is.  The square onyx gemstones are set in geometrical cut out discs all intricately set with Marcasite in Sterling Silver.  It is fitted with a foldover clasp for ease of wear.  


We were beyond delighted to have the wonderful Nuala Courtney as our model on the day. The Face of Chicago A/W collection, Nuala was a delight to work with, she was so relaxed and you could see that she was enjoying the whole experience, her first modeling job (which we couldn't believe as she was such a natural !!). The collection was perfect for Nuala to model, so classical and elegant, she blew us away!  

A feminine teardrop garnet gemstone surrounded by Marcasite stones set in sterling silver.

Nuala's makeup was done by the beautiful Karen Maher of Karen Maher Makeup.  Karen did a fantastic job, which she said was easy, describing Nuala as a real beauty.  Her makeup was perfect giving Nuala a fantastic glow.   

We were also thrilled to have Nuala's wardrobe styled by her son, the fabulous Brendan Courtney. All the pieces Nuala wore were from the Autumn Winter 2016 LennonCourtney For Dunnes Stores collection, which is now available in stores, and is absolutely stunning! 


Our shots were taken by John & Clare from John Duffy Photography and I think you will agree with us when we say they were amazing, the pictures really capture the mood of the day and the brand, fun, relaxing, elegant with timeless sophisticated style.  We were delighted with the results!

 Three rows of freshwater pearl bracelet with five bars of Marcasite and sterling silver to keep them in place.  


We can't wait for the next photo shoot!





Hi Everyone ! July 06 2016, 0 Comments

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our Blog !  Today its all about finding the perfect gift. Simple ? Maybe not!  If you're anything like me the only time I can't find the perfect gift is when I need it!! Very often it's difficult or impossible to find something that little bit different for that someone special, or even for ourselves (something else we don't do enough !!).  It's a given, I LOVE jewellery, don't we all, so that's why we created the Chicago range.  It's that simple, we wanted to find something beautiful, different, delicate, romantic but also strong.  Something to stand out, something that when you wear the piece you smile ! 

So these beauties are €33 which I think is a manageable treat for ourselves ! They are very versatile, or what I like to call, an easy wear! Beautiful with the classical little black dress, heels, clutch and a throw or equally fab with, my favourite, blue jeans, navy t-shirt and a navy blazer ..... I'am that kind of girl !!! 

Happy Wednesday Lovelies !! I hope these made you smile! 


June - Pearls, Pearls, Pearls! June 27 2016, 0 Comments

Hi Guys,

If you were born in the month of June, your lucky! Having the birthstone Pearl is a plus, I'm August and although I love Peridot, there's something about Pearl :)  You can't beat the simplicity of jean's, t-shirt and Pearl ear candy!  We have some lovely pieces from our range, one of my favourites are these beauties!

Sometimes the worry is cleaning and caring for the pearls.  But to be honest when your careful with your pieces there's really no drama ! We have a great product, its a pouch containing a wipe with the solution already in place, so there's no messing involved!  You simply wipe each pearl and dry it with the cleaning cloth afterwards.   This cloth is also great to use to store the pearl, giving them extra protection.  Each kit contains 12 individual wipes and one cleaning cloth and at €10.00 it's a steal!


November Birthstone - Citrine October 23 2015, 0 Comments

Citrine is a vibrant stone with colours ranging from honey orange to golden yellow.  It is said to promote and manifest success and abundance in all areas.  It is particularly used to promote success in business if used in the cash box of a shop, carried or worn, earning it another nickname, "Merchant's Stone." (Note to self - put one in the till tomorrow.....)  It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and therefore resistant to most scratches and is hard wearing.  

Citrine Bow Marcasite Brooch - €105.00

The yellow stones have just that mellow, warm tone that seems to have captured the last glow of autumn and so making it the perfect birthstone for November.  


Citrine Oval Marcasite Silver Ring - €125.00




During the Art Deco period between World Wars I and II, large citrines were set in many prized pieces, including the massive and elaborate Art Deco inspired jewelry pieces made for big Hollywood stars such as Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford

Art Deco Vintage Inspired Citrine Bracelet - €270.00


Citrine stones were not only for the stars of bye-gone era's, many celebrities will choose this vibrant stone to make an impact on the red carpet such as Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks Citrine Ring


So, if you're looking for some success, wear a Citrine, if you're looking to buy a November birthday girl a gift, buy a Citrine or if you just want to splurge, shop our collection for Citrine stones.  To get you started we are offering 25% off these gorgeous Citrine Stud Art Deco Style Geometrical Earrings, just add the code - G6M83KUOG5T7at the checkout.

Citrine Marcasite EarringsCitrine & Marcasite Geometrical Earrings - Were €85.00 Now €63.75

A short history of the Brooch September 10 2015, 0 Comments

Did you know that brooches are the oldest form of jewellery?  When fashion first evolved from a mere loin cloth, there was the small issue of holding cloth together and hence the 'pin' was born.  Dating back to the Paleolithic age, pins made from flint were found in caves.

There are several types of brooches from the 'safety pin' to a round 'annular' brooch however the fancier brooches came from the Byzantines between the 6th - 10th century, many of which featured bright enamelled colours.  One of the most famous brooches, the Tara Brooch, hailing from Ireland between the 9th and 13th century is a perfect example of a pen annular brooch with decorated gold, enamel and cabochon stones.  

From the early twentieth century onwards, brooches were more commonly used as decorative ornaments for women.  All of our brooches are made using Sterling Silver, marcasite and natural gemstones such as freshwater pearl, red & green agate and citrine.  Many of the brooches contain a loop at the back to make it wearable as a pendant necklace thus making the piece even more versatile. 

Today brooches are a great way to show your vintage style on either a blazer, dress or hat.  For brides and bridesmaids dresses, they are a great accessory to add that finishing touch to your wedding day.

Browse our selection here -

How to Clean Marcasite Jewellery July 26 2015, 2 Comments

Alot of our lovely customers have been asking us how to clean their Marcasite Jewellery.  Below is a step by step guide which I hope you will find helpful.  Feel free to contact us if you have any other queries.

1.  Purchase a silver cloth, you'll need this towards the end.  We always use Town Talk Polishing Cloths, they're excellent and the packaging is pretty cool too!

2.  Grab a small bowl or dish and add some washing up liquid and luke warm water.  Immerse the jewellery in the water.  (Skip this step if any jewellery contains Pearls or Emeralds).

3.  Leave in the water for approximately 10 minutes.

4.  Using a soft toothbrush gently brush the jewellery, particularly the back of the piece as this is where dust can build up.  Be careful brushing around the marcasite stones as they can dislodge easily.

5.  Rinse really well under cold water.

6.  Dry with a soft cotton cloth, sometimes I use a hairdryer to get rid of any water that is caught in small crevices.

7.  Now using your silver cloth, rub the jewellery until it is shiny and new looking again!

8.  To prevent Sterling Silver from tarnishing, store it in a dark, dry place away from light and moisture which can react with the metal causing it to tarnish quicker.

If you have any other tricks and tips to keep your jewels sparkling tweet us @ChicagoJewels or post to our Facebook page -

Our new collection is on the way! July 07 2015, 0 Comments

We're very excited to announce that a new collection to Chicago Marcasite Jewellery will be launched  this coming September.  New stones, designs and concepts will be introduced while at the same time keeping the Art Deco appeal that Chicago Marcasite Jewellery is known for.  To date our most popular designs have been the Green Agate collection, the Round Marcasite Pendant and the statement drop earrings.                                                                                                                         We can't wait to unveil what's next for our vintage inspired range.

We're also delighted to announce our new stockist in Killarney, Co. Kerry - O'Croinin's Jewellers.  Make sure to check out this delightful shop if you're in the area.  

Until next time.....


10th Anniversary Celebrations at Anne Shiels Jewellers May 27 2015, 0 Comments


On the 1st of June one of our lovely stockists, Anne Shiels Jewellers will have been in business 10 years. To celebrate they are offering 10% off from the 1st to the 6th of June. All week any customers who make a purchase will be entered into their prize giveaway which will be held on Saturday 6th at 4pm.

On Saturday the 6th of June they will be continuing the celebrations with goodie bags, music , smell the Pairfum, our sweetie bar and much more. So call in and join the fun. THERE WILL BE CAKE :-)


Amethyst Admirers February 19 2015, 0 Comments

The purple colour of Amethyst is one we associate with royalty and luxury.  The birthstone for February, Amethyst derives its meaning from the Greek word 'Amethystos' which translates as 'not drunken'.  So if you're heading out on a Saturday night and want to ward off drunkeness, adorn your self in some of our Amethyst pieces of jewellery!

  The vibrant purple colour is one of the reasons Amethyst Quartzwhy we like Amethyst so much but also affordability plays a huge part.  This was not always the case as Amethyst was as expensive as Ruby up until the 19th century, then a large desposit was found in Brazil thus reducing the value.  As well as Brazil, Amethyst is also found in Zambia and the USA.   Durability of the stone is quite good with a Moh hardness of 7.

But back to more romantic tones - The patron saint of romantic love, St. Valentine, donned an amethyst ring carved with the image of Cupid.   Amethyst is also the gem for 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries.

Here are a few of our Amethyst pieces, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets set with Marcasite in Sterling Silver. 

Amethyst Marcasite Silver EarringsAmethyst & Marcasite Stud Earrings - €130.00

Amethyst & Marcasite Ring - €140.00

Amethyst & Marcasite Bracelet - €168.00


Amethyst & Marcasite Necklace - €168.00

 Purple Amethyst Silver Art Deco Style Necklace


Why do we wear Jewellery? September 25 2014, 0 Comments


Polyvore & Me May 21 2014, 0 Comments

So it's been a while since my last blog but Polyvore has slightly distracted me, check out our page here -  


A new way to shop, discover and create your own collections and sets, Polyvore is a fashionistas dream.  


If you're looking for inspiration on what to wear to your best friend's wedding or you're hitting the red carpet along with A-list celebs, jump onto Polyvore to help you nail the look.

We've been busy clipping our products to our profile while at the same time creating our own little wishlist.  Most items can be bought online which makes it almost too handy........


Check out Polyvore for yourself and don't forget to follow us at 



All things Bridal January 29 2014, 0 Comments

Do you find that sometimes finding the right accessories for your wedding dress is more stressful than finding the dress itself??  Well you're not alone!  If you're craving that vintage look for your dream day then look no further.  Our Gatsby inspired range of Mother of Pearl Jewellery will definitely give you the 'wow' factor that you deserve on your wedding day.  

We're in love with this simply elegant gown from Kathy De Stafford bridal.  It's a timeless classic that will good in the photographs fifty years from now!  

Often, a necklace is not needed with a wedding dress as it can take from the dress rather than compliment it.  Going for a statement pair of earrings such as these 1920's style drop earrings can highlight your dress without taking from its beauty.   Pair it with this stunning sterling silver bracelet to complete the look.


Trending pieces this Christmas December 21 2013, 0 Comments

In our inaugural Christmas we've been keeping a close eye on what people love most.  From our pretty leaf earrings to the exquisite silver and marcasite bracelets the collection is proving popular with all ages.  



Green Agate has proved to be the most popular colour this season.  Perhaps it's the rich emerald like tone or the way it pops against the marcasite and silver.  This lovely necklace priced at 65 euro has been one of our favourites -