A short history of the Brooch

Did you know that brooches are the oldest form of jewellery?  When fashion first evolved from a mere loin cloth, there was the small issue of holding cloth together and hence the 'pin' was born.  Dating back to the Paleolithic age, pins made from flint were found in caves.

There are several types of brooches from the 'safety pin' to a round 'annular' brooch however the fancier brooches came from the Byzantines between the 6th - 10th century, many of which featured bright enamelled colours.  One of the most famous brooches, the Tara Brooch, hailing from Ireland between the 9th and 13th century is a perfect example of a pen annular brooch with decorated gold, enamel and cabochon stones.  

From the early twentieth century onwards, brooches were more commonly used as decorative ornaments for women.  All of our brooches are made using Sterling Silver, marcasite and natural gemstones such as freshwater pearl, red & green agate and citrine.  Many of the brooches contain a loop at the back to make it wearable as a pendant necklace thus making the piece even more versatile. 

Today brooches are a great way to show your vintage style on either a blazer, dress or hat.  For brides and bridesmaids dresses, they are a great accessory to add that finishing touch to your wedding day.

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