Infinity Jewellery May 18 2017, 0 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Firstly apologies for my huge lack of communication lately!! But fear not I'm back with some very exciting news that has kept me busy as a bee for the last little while....we have just added to our Collection!! 

Having so many beautiful new pieces to show you I decided on our Infinity design, which is proving to be extremely popular - so easy to wear, it is such a delicate look but is also the perfect amount of bling for any day time look.


We have three individual pieces, Earrings, Pendant and Ring, which worn together really complement each other but also individually they are stunning....


These Marcasite Infinity earrings are just so pretty! With the post sitting high on the earring they sit perfectly and of course they have a prefect price too! €35



Next up is the matching Pendant and Chain - such a fab piece, the perfect size to add a bit of bling to any neckline! Priced at €40  


And finally.....the Ring, I love this, such a lovely sparkle. It sits flat so no fear of it catching on anything and although it is petite it spreads across the finger very well - Priced at €40

Click on the link here and take a look at our complete range.  We have something for everyone and every budget! 


Chat soon,