September Blog - Cleaning your Sparkle!

Hi Everyone,

Happy September ! 

I thought as its the start of a new month I would talk a little about the Care, Cleaning and Storage of our fabulous marcasite jewellery pieces. 

We all love wearing our Marcasite jewellery and in fact wearing it will keep it at its best and free from getting tarnished longer - so make sure your making the most of your sparkles! 

Cleaning -

When cleaning the jewellery, stay away from steamers, chemical cleaners, and ultrasonic cleaners. Gently wiping the piece with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth will remove tarnish from the silver and keep the stones clean without ruining the piece. If using a slightly damp cloth, make sure to dry the jewellery completely after cleaning it. 

Storage -

Always store in a cool and dry place, and store separately from other jewellery in order to avoid scratching, we don't want that!!  I find the best option is to store your Marcasite jewellery in a jewellery bag or pouch as this prevents further oxidisation.

Care - 

A good rule to remember is to always put on your jewellery last and take it off first. Avoid contact with chemicals, such as perfume, hair spray, deodorant, household cleaning fluids and etc. 

Avoid getting your marcasite jewellery wet, as this can loosen the stones and always remove your marcasite jewellery before swimming or bathing.

These are our polishing cloths and silver cleaning solutions and I find them great.  They work so well and are so easy to use.  All it takes is a gentle rub.   To purchase them click here.

Happy Cleaning ! 




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