We Need to Talk About Silver

Today we want to tell you a little about silver, and why this precious metal makes such a beautiful gift for a loved one - or even for yourself.

Silver has been around for thousands of years and was one of the first elements ever discovered. It has long been regarded as a precious metal, and has had many uses throughout the ages, used not only in jewellery and coins, but also in medicine! Although silver is not quite as pricey as gold nowadays, in Medieval Europe it was valued more highly!

Its use in jewellery craft is perhaps down to the fact that it is the most reflective element - reflecting up to 95% of the visible light spectrum - unless used in ultraviolet light when it loses its reflective quality. This makes silver incredibly shiny and eye-catching, and has been used in mirrors, telescopes and microscopes. However, silver’s reflective qualities are diminished when silver tarnishes - which is why it’s important to keep your silver jewellery well-polished and stored safely when not worn. It is worth investing in a silver polishing cloth - we recommend the Town Talk polishing cloth which is available on our website.

Our Chicago Marcasite range is crafted from sterling silver, which is one of the most popular forms of silver on the market today due to its durability. Other forms of silver include Brittania silver, fine silver and Mexican silver. You might even come across ‘alpaca silver’ but don’t be fooled - this metal does not actually contain any silver at all! The origin of the name ‘sterling silver’ has been discussed and debated. It is possible that is derived from the Olde English word ‘steorling’, which means ‘little star’. This seems plausible, as old silver coins sometimes had a star imprinted on them. However, it could also be a reference to the metal’s bright shining qualities!

When you buy a piece of Chicago Marcasite jewellery you can rest assured that you are investing in a top quality piece that will not only stand the test of time when looked after properly, but will continue to look its best with just a bit of love and care. 

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