What makes Art Deco Style Jewellery stand the test of time?

When we look at Art Deco style jewellery, we do not only appreciate the strong geometric shapes and linear forms, we are immediately transported to a world of decadence, prohibition, flappers and changing times.  Is this the reason why Art Deco style jewellery remains so popular since it first burst into the world at the start of the twentieth century? 

Just after World War 1, people were starting to express themselves again.  They wanted change and they certainly got it in their choice of jewellery which was becoming available.  Yellow gold was out, white gold and platinum was in along with fancy cut diamonds and gemstones.   The use of bold colours, particularly onyx, blue sapphire and emerald were chosen to make a statement.


Green Agate Art Deco Style Earrings

Blue Lapis Art Deco Bracelet

Onyx Art Deco Drop Earrings


The period lasted between 1920 - 1935 and two of the most notable jewellery designers during the Art Deco era were Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels, two brands we all know well today, another testament of how strong the Art Deco Style lives on.

So it is easy to see why our Swarovski Marcasite stones work so well against the bold colours and edgy shapes.  Also a feature of the Art Deco era were calibrated stones and invisible settings which is seen in this funky ring.


Blue Lapis Fan Shape Ring

In summary, to answer the question, what makes Art Deco style Jewellery stand the test of time?  I believe it is the nostalgic feeling that its unique features conjure up in each and every one of us.  A time of liberation and freedom, a time of radical change and adventure, a time that even though most of us weren't even born we still understand it was a unique period in our history and should be remembered forever.

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